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This month is going fast. My kids are dreading yet excited about going back to school. Funny.  Friday ,after work I ‘ll be taking the kids to swimming pool and from there to hang out for a while. I miss hanging out with them. So far this summer they hang out with their friends and I ‘m the last person they want to see except to get money. This is my oldest last summer where he doesn’t has to think about getting a job. I figure let kids enjoys being a little older and mature .They have their whole life to work so, let them enjoy about the only time in their life when they don’t . Right?  Believe me they will think you for it.

I gonna make sure I get some extra sleep tonight because work has been hected lately since  several workers went on vacation right after each other. Plus I want to have enough energy  for tomorrow night.  Not only we going to the pool I going to cook  some tacos,rent a movie and just sit back relax. I gonna make it special.  I bought some fruits that I gonna mix in the sorbet. I either will blend the blueberries and chop apples and sorbet in a blender or just put on top. It ‘s cool.

The homemade tacos. I get some ground beef and a can of tomato paste. Once it done I just add fresh tomatoes ,shredded cheese and lettuce on a soft taco. Simple. On mine I like jalapeno peppers and olives. My kids just like it simple

What you gonna do on Friday?


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  2. .Integrate candy into a lesson for an educational and tasty experience for your students…Students look forward to Fridays because they anticipate a fun day after a long school week.

  3. yep

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