I can’t Stop listening   3 comments

I came across this song on Youtube and I have listened to it ever since. I just have to pass along. It’s by Flux Pavillion. Hope you enjoy!

I thought back when I fell in love deeply for the second time. Wow! He was a Navy Marine (aircraft). Very big and tall man who built from head to toe. Men are not built like this anymore. Hurts but true. He was well mannered and arrogant . My taste. Ha ha! Honestly, it is. He is very intelligent,good heart and strong drive. Unfortunately he wants a wife, I want to be independent. Eventually we broke up. Both parts of my heart missed that love but agree single life is best. For some ,like myself , once you experience love enough in life your life the rest you want to be by yourself. I’m young but I love being alone more. Exploring single adulthood is always my style. I come home to peace.Only washes my kids and mine clothes. I make all the decisions without  agreement. Mostly, my bed and closet is all mine.

Who knows? When I get older I probably want marriage. I just want to enjoy all my freedom now.

Some people marriage is wonderful and necessary part of life. To share your life with someone special. Yeah that is nice. I guess you live the way you feel fit.

Here is another beat that I had to pass on . He goes by the name Negro Saki. He has other great music.






3 responses to “I can’t Stop listening

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  1. i feel you… explore single hood. the best thing ever :* am not just saying but been alone with nothing to stress is the best gift you can give to your self.

  2. I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! 🙂

  3. brinkka2011 says: Just where do these trolling bloggers get this stuff?

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