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Remember the No Child Left Behind Act? In 2001 Bush has  with decent concerns had made it where that Act can effect children when they turns an adult. Now ,this means when your child that has learning disability or delay about to graduate from high school he/she will get a Certificate of Attendance not a diploma. In this case he/she will not be able to attend college,military, vocational and trading school. This is terrible. Although I could understand where he’s coming from. Have you ever been or heard of someone whom been in trouble by an uneducated person. This was to stop the next generation from serious vicious people with mental or ability to learn from hurting others. No prejudice intended.  Seriously ,many  people who argues or has to deal with circumstances due to someone who couldn’t comprehend their task at work.  Misunderstandings. Artistic way of looking of something that has none relevance.

That is one of the main reason I try to inform people of other ways to help yourself , your children and loves ones. Protect yours and loves ones future. Try to help your kids . I personally has to deal with one of my kids that has a learning problem. I treat my kid as if there was no problem. I found the weakness ,learn the angle with short intention span, made games  and talk . I was completely on my kid side.Yet didn’t take crap either. Believe me they can get maniple . Stay strict  and stern with a lot of love.

My advice, if you feel your high school child is smart enough to take the GED test,  make them take it. Prepare them as much as you can their are services that help them prepare. Check the age  in your state . Be prepare. Keep eyes on your kids activities and acedemics  because they probably wants to issue the Certificate of Attendance before graduation begins. Keep your eyes open!!

Warm regards.


11 responses to “Alert to all parents!

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  2. The issue will come up during the session but its important for you to prepare your child for it..Explain to young kids that this type of visit to the doctor doesnt involve a physical exam or shots.

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