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My recent posts I got a lot of feed back. Some understood what I meant others didn’t. Well I am going to clarify what I meant.

Post ‘Selfish or Shell fish. Basically it’s about keeping your good heart and spirit strong. I wrote about giving too much will leave you empty like a shell. Not appreciating what you give as well of  what you receive can devalue generosity. I also pointed out how people uses in your windows to make people feel inadequate and to lower self-esteem. That what I was referring about ‘ ego and pride’. If you grateful for who you are don’t let someone pick fun at you . I always this way ,you make fun of my clothes ,make fun of me personally I get really angry. Well that’s me. I don’t go overboard ,but make it clear ‘respect me’. Having much respect about thee important things can save you time on hurt feelings. Respect yourself and others ,don’t sway onto others point of view.

Post ‘The real meaning’ . I wrote about how some people don’t realize the true clarity meaning of some words. Like judgement. They cautious to say they opinion because they feel they judging someone. But hey there’s the main meaning their missing the ‘judgement’. If you didn’t say that someone should be have an action made upon them base on your opinion then you didn’t make a judgement.

Post ‘Find the solution..’ I was mainly referring to health total. Not math exactly but it could be helpful. The whole point I was trying explain is to sometimes the solution is not always the answer.  And some cases the answer is the best solution and sometime it’s not.

Glutathione is the mother of all enzymes. I been taking along with my other supplements and my immune system is much stronger. I sit around my co workers who are sick and I don’t catch a cold. I simply suggest that you follow-up on and learn what glutathione can do for you.  When you find out the true answer to things it helps solutions you make in the future.

All in all. My posts are saying to give and have a strong heart and give a true healthy aspect of life a chance. Not letting the world run you down and dry. If you did get up dust yourself off and start over stronger and better.  And pretty much these post are regards to most things in one life. Love,credit, charity,social and life.

Best Regards.


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  2. Extrmeely helpful article, please write more.

  3. Umm, are you rlealy just giving this info out for nothing?

  4. Hey, good to find smooene who agrees with me. GMTA.

  5. These topics are so confusing but this hepled me get the job done.

  6. This does look promising. I’ll keep cmnoig back for more.

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