Well well well! There’s a puddle and there’s mountain   3 comments

I want to pass on a saying my uncle Boochie told me. “Weakness seeks for puddles, the Strong stands tall  throughout time and owns itself.” He told me this when I was  eight,and I kind of knew what he meant then.  He means weakness seems to find a place to overwhelm and to circle itself with others as security.

Weakness. An issue that covers the important areas. Dwell. Holds you back and seek comfort when it’s untrue. Persons does this too. Relationships that appears so loving but was a short-lived rouse. The person just needed an affection at that moment till the next one.

Fallen for”This is not worth more than a person feelings!” trick is lame. I use this expression because I hear this often. People has so little respect for others and tries to use humanity as an escape of fault. I feel that some people feel their self worth and then tries to be acknowledge more valuable than an object. A twelve year old girl I met at my friends kid party. She destroyed the cake by sticking her wart dumb in it. My friend was upset and told her to get her mom. Mother came & apoligized but the girl aunt kept saying ‘so what…let it go…she just a kid . “And the girl said about three times ‘I think my feelings worth more than a stupid cake!” Uhn Uhn!

Feeling remorse for them under false humanity ,from what I seen ,will stop one from caring for real humanity. The weakness of fallen for phony characters.

A time in life where things are foreign and blue,some people falls into what’s like a puddle to feel o.k. even when they are entering a worse time. For example; Something in life knocks you down. This time getting up and dusting yourself off doesn’t cut it. Then here comes something or someone tells you to quit your good path and do what they want you to do. Not that candid, it will be persuasive. ” Oh don’t worry, You don’t have to… We are not like that. ” so forth.  Failed to keep your head strong will cause failure in life. Why wanna invest into something that not true to you? So there will be no reason to care much if it fell. Other words,pushing yourself aside to live in a puddle for a while will do damange.

Strong.   Honesty, alert and really truthfully cares about what you stand for and whom you love.  If you love education you’ll get it.Loving your own heart ,learning yourself, have your own back and best interest in heart. Listen to your heart and mind and make yourself healthy and strong.

Strong ,when there someone or thing tries to persuade you to do something wrong ,they fail. You have choices and chances and the wrong doesn’t has a chance and a choice with you.

Educated because it is so not because you have a document that agrees with you. Remember being educated person will open the roads you want to go. Degree to be acknowledged as an educated person will lead same spot but higher title. Both is great and needed. Know yourself . Respect your self entirely even your flaws. Let me tell you how some people point out my flaws and thinks I’ll be so effected. I’ll says”I know !” All the gawl ,nerve deciet, crap people can say and do & it just hit them right back into their faces. What kills me though when a person says something disrespectful sharp then they pause. As if they waiting to hear a stone lands in your hallow head or something. Ha ha! I guess I’m more a mountain.

Hope this helps.


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3 responses to “Well well well! There’s a puddle and there’s mountain

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