Speech delay ? Here’s a strategy   2 comments

I just want to pass on a technique I used with my kid. Speech was one of the topics I was very concerned with. Because it very frustrating to the child as much to someone who needs to hear them. So I did what singer instructor does. I make them emphasize each letter as forceful as they can. Sound out A as far as it goes . From more power from the throat than the tongue. I saw that was the error. Excercise of the vocal then with the tongue. By doing this  first it helps them to recognized their tongue in speech. Give a little ‘Do Re Mi‘ s’ this  what did the trick. Then I did the same with words. Power each syllable. Once they get the hang of it my kids kept talking. Trying to hear what other words they can say clear.

Another technique I enjoys teaching my kids is learning Word Origin. This is learning not only what the prefix and suffix means but to learn why words are spell the way they do.  Like  ‘op’ , ‘act’ and ‘por’.  I came across this book “Word origins” in the book store one day. Now I think it’s hard to find because this book was made back in 1958. They just not make books great like these anymore. But hopefully the knowledge is out there somewhere. If I find where I surely pass it on.

Back to this book. When I read it ,I couldn’t believe how helpful and knowledge I overlooked each day without realizing it. I suggest this because you can figure out what a particular words means just the same of sounding it out by recognizing what each origin means.

Even letters has such meaning.  M  stands for close to earth powerful,necessary, point to remember. Like Mother,Mountain,Money,Massive  so forth.

This has been useful for my kids when learning social studies and other subjects. Even I ,when I come across unfamiliar words at work. This might seem a little unnecessary and out there but believe me it works.


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2 responses to “Speech delay ? Here’s a strategy

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  1. Hi,

    I think you gotta be careful thinking about techniques and young human brains. There is this tendency to name a thing a technique whenever you can to make it sound better and more serious. The word does not sound better and more serious to me in the context of speech acquisition.


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