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Red bell peppers.

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I ‘m a spicy eater, always has been. I once put wasabi,jalapeno and a bit of hot sauce on my Philly cheese steak sandwich. My professor stop me and said I will get high blood pressure before I even thirty. He just wanted to see if I will take one bite of it and survive. Well that blew my mood. I believe some spices can clear your senses and not make you sick. Only if you exercise and take good care of yourself than you should  be fine. Back then I used to walk a mile and a half to get to the metro north than an extra mile to catch the bus so I had plenty of exercise.


I made a soup just for me. I add vegetables roast pork and hot spices. I recommend extreme caution before taking this chance.

In a medium size saucepan I add half a cup of chicken broth and half of beef broth. Then I added  the boneless pork ribs  I slice into chunks . As it steams I prepare my veggies. Slice the carrots ,celery, green bell pepper and onion medium thick.  To add  little sweetness to the mix I simply add a can of sweet peas. The juice will gives the broth more flavor.

Steam under a low flame for about thirty-two minutes. Then I add 1 tab butter ,season salt and black pepper. One tiny pinch of wasabi, two drops of hot sauce. Cayenne prefer. Stir til you get a nice golden color. I let it cool for about fifth teen minutes . Delicious.


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