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My best friend is going through a bad break up, divorce really. She still madly in love with him but he gave her a tainted marriage. He kissed ‘probably slept’ with a female that she dislikes day of their wedding. He’s urges her to let it go and not throw away a three and a half years over it.”I chose you” and “She has the worst end , watching us get married” he kept saying. Ha ha .  That man are lucky that I wasn’t his wife he telling this crap to. LUCKY!

Well she didn’t stand for it , how much as it hurts  and how much she’s still in love and have the hots for him it’s over. Must be tough. I wish I could be there for her but we are states away with a lot of responsibilities that we can’t put on hold. But called each other.

I told her some loves are like that. Some men are great first dates . I mean they shower you with respect and attention. Do everything right and all they was ‘a low down dirty dog” as they say. Well the states are higher with some men. They are great to fall deeply in love ,lust and be happy with. Walk down the aisle to with just praise then they come to be “a low down dirty dog that marry”  I say. Making sure you never forget them.  I gotta admit , he ‘s a very handsome ,stimulating and captive man. I met him long before they were married. He was arrogant, conceited and it fits him. And she tells me he still very much the same.

Among conversation with our other friends there are different opinions of what she should do. I felt do what she wishes. Two of them thinks she should let him go and work things out. Not to feed  into this because the tramp he slept with will get him back.

I said look that’s was his wedding too! What stupid man will sleep with someone before their wedding? That’s selfish and when someone selfish like this they will always cheat ,making sick stupid people alike happy. For goodness sakes!!  ” I chose you” Oh yeah you a prize to keep buddy!” No one is that handsome or cute  to be disrespectful. What do you think?

Never let someone disrespect you. Even if the person you love. Sometime you gotta step back & take a objective look. Sometimes you’ll see that they don’t come up to your feet or ankles of what you want. This guy of hers comes up to the knee,as she said , that’s why it hurts so darn much.


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