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I had been so busy with extra work that I was exhausted. Too many people was let go or quit. But this did not stop the business for going just add on the work onto my desk. Uggh!

Against my usual way I took a vacation. Thursday -Tuesday  the kids and I went to Sea World , visit the mall that was near and had a blast. It was more fun because we took the break rather wait till we have one.  The lines wasn’t so long and the weather there was nice. It rain for almost a day there but hey that’s site in our state we don’t get to see much. What’s work even better for me that it was less expensive than I thought. Things are funny that way. You think you have more than enough than you don’t when you think there barely enough there’s extra. Round off  the amount helps.

Making it home was a little difficult. The train kept delaying and delaying ,before and on board. We had a great time but boy were we glad to be home. Kids return to school I, work and  it’s better because of the break. However next time I ‘ll plan to leave I’ll make sure I return on the weekend.


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