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Once there are a medical alert or crisis ,there’s a lot of picking on one what to do from there on. Have you notice. I always truly choose what I know is best for me.

A friend of mine was a heavy smoker. 2 packs a day. Everyone kept nagging ” stop smoking” I just said hey do you want to go fishing? Or here’s s peppermint to smell or suck on. One of the tips I learn is to train the addiction of habit from the brain by setting it free ,little by little. By finding out what the smoker likes  other than cigarettes like jogging  and movies. This will help the mind to set loose and gain independence of   enjoyment .

Fear. Fear is a serious could be a deadly . Usual it just to let you know what dangers that really affect you. Or it can be something wrong. Most fear comes from pain,uncertainty lack of inner needs. Needs;deep appreciation,living your own life,trust,hope not all in a basket but where it belongs and inner/outer happiness. Got to figure out what it is then solve. It’s essential to shrink dangerous effective fear. There are several factors that can shrink  fear. Solving the error with strength,  inner trust and love. Yep. Love ,good force to stop fear. Can give you fear too.   Confidence.Trusting your good judgement.

Sometimes fear is not too much of is what lacks there of. What to do, where to go and how. And “what this means ?” is another scary one. In these situation(s)it means that your life is not up to part in certain areas :Spiritual, health,finance and love. Test of will and faith to believe things gets better at times. But one time I was waiting to hear from a job interview. This position was a little out of my status and I just applied anyway. Well a friend of mine kept asking me “Why ,you not going to get it.why? What reason there is not to hire you? You know what, it makes me feel better to this day because I prefer reasons why there’s no reason to dwell on things.

This world we live in as we gets older. Have you notice that are plenty of unhappy adults? Stress ,bills ,pay-cuts, planning ahead,work and family etc. Sometimes we let the world gets too close to our head and heart that leaves a block from real relaxation. Obligations to earn twice as hard for the pay and bills that sweep up most of it.

In different ways ,items can’t make these blues vanish,just for an moment than it’s right back. Sometimes this means you need to find a happier healthy enviroment  or life goes your way. I guess you know what I mean. One way is set loose your inner most (healthy )goal in your heart and mind. Believe me ,most times  it will make you feel safe and warm . & Probably come true.

Hope this helps!!!


Posted December 6, 2011 by bluedolly25

2 responses to “Healthy life and mind

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  1. It’s great to read something that’s both enojyable and provides pragmatisdc solutions.

  2. Many many quailty points there.

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