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Oh I love all music as you probably read in about me page. Well here is a little more about me . The type of music I like. I love classical music.  I don’t know  the names by hard but once I do I’ll post it.

Opera . Some song catches the soul . It so uplifting and heartbreaking and at the same time I enjoy the solitude of the story. It’s usual not hard for me to explain. If you a fan you probably understand what I mean. I enjoys music that gets the rythmn goes through the body. Makes me start dancing singing and feeling great. Some songs just does that for me . Use to be a lot but not too many songs that are out now has that ability. I like Lady Gaga,(she’s way out there but i like her music),T-pain,Maddona always, and veronicas.Some ledgends are always my favorite. Al  Green;’ Still in love with you’ is one of my favorites as well’ Lets stay together’ Isely Brothers. Now there is a long list. ‘ first one by Casper Isley ‘Serve you right’ ,” ‘Hello it’s mefootsteps in the dark‘ oh the list goes on and on. Remember this one

Do you remember ‘Return of the Mack‘?

I’ll post more tracks of my favorites soon!


Posted December 24, 2010 by bluedolly25

6 responses to “Music I like

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