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Hello everyone!

I know I have been so busy with school that I haven’t post in a very long time. But I here to catch up !  College is fine , a great journey so far. I not going on campus like before but online. It has it disadvantages and advantages ! Like at campus there are assignments that you may not get or over look where compare to online you know what is expected each week.  Being that my online school every one across the U.S attends and I don’t get to meet face to face , grab a couple of coffee or something and that is the disadvantage. However all is good.  As regards to cooking I been creative of making deep dishes meals which I will post some of my recipes very soon. Since I been in school I had to cut back since it is not possible with food especially with growing teenagers I started shopping wiser on other products.  To be honest I thought buying these products from Melaleuca an online wellness store  will not be as concentrated they claim but I was wrong. I got this  household cleaner that calls Sol-U-guard it is  a very concentrated cleaner that doesn’t has harsh chemicals and to my surprise it really gets the job done. I was a little shock of how deep cleaning it provides with only a cap full and less effort.  Well that was one of the products I also got some skin care for my eldest daughter and this stuff works a lot better than that Proactive stuff.  So I had pretty much cut out  buying some products at the store because it runs out fast and it really doesn’t do the job as well. So I go here to buy my household needs because not only does it works better It doesn’t runs out fast and one container can last two months instead of one week.  I tell you more about all the items  soon!  If you want to know something pacific just let me know.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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I was tired of the old way so I decided to spread my wings and live the way I want to. I was feeling old, work, hosting get together with close friends and co-workers.  Life was changing and I did not agree where it wanted to go,so I made my own destination and left. I moved to another place. Regret it a little, it has more charm than my last but it’s includes more noisy neighbors and smaller den.  Well, I will keep looking for the right place.

As according to the old friends, I had ended friendship with five of them. I got tired of having company that loves my food but resent me at the same time. It reminds me of that Glade commercial where the lady have her house near perfection and she likes to pretend that her candles came from France or England. Her so called friends makes mock and told her it was from Glade. I would have let her enjoys herself. She paid for it, it’s her house, and keeping a neat home is not easy.

Well these so-called friends, ex-friends of mine were making mock that my homemade soft tacos was too big. Several side cracks as well about other things. Since I been back in college, I don’t have much gatherings as I used to. Shoot, I am tired!!  Besides, just having another obligation onto your list is tiring just to think about it.  One remark was referring as if I have nothing better to do but to help people to eat a meal that keeps them full for a day or two.  At that note I gave myself an ” I don’t care ” vacation just my eldest three kids and me.  I ended the nonsense of negativity and the ring around the same drama and brought peace to my era.  Stay true to yourself!!!

I left my ex. We were deeply involve until I couldn’t stand him, respect him or even love him. He assumed once he had my heart he had my self -respect. Ha Ha!! Boy was he wrong!!! I love myself too much to put a man over me. Idiot.  I have to be faithful to my true heart more than anything.

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I heard and read plenty stories about how children are being cyber and physical bullied. The law gotten strict on this,being  that many children died in rampage by an another student and the high number of suicides deaths and attempts. No one should be bullied and no one should allow being bully either.

There is another side as well, the violence in the weak mind. Bullies are called weak because they pick and cause harm to others but hey have you ever heard the weakness in the victims mind? I was conducting research on a relative topic and sat down with a group of children. These children experience cruelty in school by students and faculty and most of them, their selves. Well some,like me when I was a their age, just want to enjoy school. Other had some disturbing ideas of revenge and very shallow for some reason. I quickly told them those morbid ideas will increase their problem by the max not solve them. Anyway, any who, I notice these teenagers really takes the abuse.No words back or anything. Puzzle me. When I was a teenager, I fought back, even when I was in elementary school. Well my personal opinion aside. All of these children and adults that has this problem has to get their mind strong and healthy first before they address their problem. Use tact is a must. For the parents, the clue when your child is getting pick on is; they are very quiet when they come home from school, when they gets upset they becomes out of control easy.They are old enough to go to the store but refuse to, listen or watch programs that express more graphic. This is a sign that they have bottled up feelings that needs to be address. I urges parents to get very nosy and observe as much you as possible.

Hope this helps!!

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Image I haven’t post in a long time I know, I made drastic changes in my life and it takes more energy than I expected. I’m in college earning my second AA degree. Been busy also with the one step up the ladder at work. This sounds great right? But no. I been so tired and always have things to tend to. Don’t get me wrong I do have fun chatting with fellow students on Facebook and at school. I met people that I like rather than tolerate. I also have that great feeling of having a choice in the career field instead be over grateful for the job I have. So take my advice, if you can attend college do so. 

 As for cooking great meals, I also put that on hold for a while. I have to get everything in a balance before I burn myself out trying. My kids miss all the cooking and hate the tired short meals I been making. Well now I have put everything in balance and started back cooking deep dishes & tiny deserts. Glad to post again!! I will post more frequently.

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This is not an unusual meal and don’t require a recipe. I ate a hot dog and some cheese and crackers for lunch. I had a slice of pickle and tomato against my hot dog on a wheat bun. The sharp cheddar cheese was triangle cut on top of a butter crisp cracker. I cut the cheese this way because I was bored last night and this sound fun. But believe or not ,it makes a difference in taste. Also had my jalapenos wrapped with lettuce. I had a great lunch.
I tries to add more salad into my meals. If it is along a meal or in it it’s delicious. Avoid the dressing though , that’s a huge calories booster!!!!

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Before I begin, sorry my faithful readers I haven’t post in a while. I been so busy lately.

I had a crisis and a heartache over the past two months. It’s one of those moments of life when your strength , discipline and power is tested in all areas. I whipped and defeated it. Love , I found out the man I was so in love with loves and obsessed of me but not me. So he used to take every opportunity or make one to deceived me . I had an expensive dark violet dress. He loan my dress to a woman who I called rodent , I despise. Then put it back into my closet. I kick his butt. He tells me this malarkey that I may despise the person but I should let it go because He is the one that loan it out. That made that thing smirk. I went the hell off!! He’s an idiot. Heck Just because I love him , at that time, that I will let him mess with me. Like I will lose my things over his stupid tail.

I don’t ride others float, I rides my own. That is one thing I always hated about people tries to get close to ones liking or heart then think they could be a complete disgrace there forth.  ” Oh I will leave if you don’t put up with my crap” in other words . Leave.

My friends say that he’s so handsome ,are you sure you want to end it so fast? Yep . I say. He’s ugly now since he disrespected me.

What’s even more stupid, he’s a well dresser like myself and argues if his brothers even looks at his clothes. There are other things that is wrong but to make the list short here’s what he’s no where he lacks of and what I want. I love a man who I like after I fallen in love. When in the relationship he gives and show the best of himself, has sence and God serving. Has integrity. My best friend. Under conditions that falls upon mistakes and all he never disrespect me, cruel intentions and actions and always loves me. If we argue it’s healthy and with everything we do. Because let me tell you most times when someone gives you so much grief ,you step back take an objective look and you might realize they don’t come to the bottom of ankle of what you really want. He reach the knee of whom I want now he under my heel.

As for business. I didn’t get the position I earned. It went to someone else that takes long lunch breaks and leave me with the work. Since jobs is hard to get these days I sticking it out.

Friends of no more. I stop giving out advice and helping others that does not appreciate  it. If someone gives me an tell ,I agree with it and if I take the tell I don’t blame the person that given it to me. I use my own head . Some people don’t . They get a kick out of not thinking for themselves and want someone to be responsible for their actions. Lame man lame.

Well group of friend at work ,which I been tired of carrying their burden personalities.talked about a drama incident. Eyes turn to me on what will I do. I didn’t feed into it. I listen to knowledge I heard on the 700 club. Not to dwell in others business . I just simply said just figure it out I guess. I also stop cooking for my guest and only for my family. They kinda tick. And words had come back to me. Well that made me happy and not upset. Shoot. I saved my words and my money. Eh!!

I love helping others just started to be a wiser about it.

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Strawberry Pie

Image by gibsonsgolfer via Flickr

This year I made more than just a apple pie  I had more fruit  and better enhance flavor seasons to make my pie stand out  It was pretty easy to make . Instead of  burning out my oven cooking too many desserts ,like thanksgiving, I decide to make one simple dessert.

Fruit pie

I started out by adding the nuts and slice peach ito the can of the strawberry pie filling . Sit in the refrigerator till ready for use . Then in a small skillet I add a 2 tbs of margerine and a half a cup of water . Under a low flame I add 1 sprinkle of nutmeg and 2 sprikle on cinnamon. Very light-handed I must advise. Too much will destroy the flavor Then  I slice the green apples (double slice) then add them into the sauce .Double slice is slice then slice in half. This way the apples is not chopped or to big of a slice. If using a fresh peach you can either add them to the apples or the strawberries, which ever you prefer the peach more flavor towards.  Now when the apples or half done cut it off and let it simmers.. The crust, usually is what bakers start first but since I’m not using hand made dough I use it after my filling is ready for use. Pillsbury pie crust e already refrigerated so there is no problem making sure its maturity. So , I have the pie crust layed out and ready  I set it on top  of the stove  Getting a  little warmth from the oven preheat at 350 degrees. Mean while I take out the can of strawberries and poured into the skillet. Slowly stir the strawberries,nuts and peaches with the apples and carmel. Just enough to somewhat blend in the flavor Then I pour into the pie crust . Top crust and bake  under 375 degrees for about thirty minutes. Let cool . My kids and I love it !! It went well with icecream and cool whip.