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Hello everyone!

I know I have been so busy with school that I haven’t post in a very long time. But I here to catch up !  College is fine , a great journey so far. I not going on campus like before but online. It has it disadvantages and advantages ! Like at campus there are assignments that you may not get or over look where compare to online you know what is expected each week.  Being that my online school every one across the U.S attends and I don’t get to meet face to face , grab a couple of coffee or something and that is the disadvantage. However all is good.  As regards to cooking I been creative of making deep dishes meals which I will post some of my recipes very soon. Since I been in school I had to cut back since it is not possible with food especially with growing teenagers I started shopping wiser on other products.  To be honest I thought buying these products from Melaleuca an online wellness store  will not be as concentrated they claim but I was wrong. I got this  household cleaner that calls Sol-U-guard it is  a very concentrated cleaner that doesn’t has harsh chemicals and to my surprise it really gets the job done. I was a little shock of how deep cleaning it provides with only a cap full and less effort.  Well that was one of the products I also got some skin care for my eldest daughter and this stuff works a lot better than that Proactive stuff.  So I had pretty much cut out  buying some products at the store because it runs out fast and it really doesn’t do the job as well. So I go here to buy my household needs because not only does it works better It doesn’t runs out fast and one container can last two months instead of one week.  I tell you more about all the items  soon!  If you want to know something pacific just let me know.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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