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I was tired of the old way so I decided to spread my wings and live the way I want to. I was feeling old, work, hosting get together with close friends and co-workers.  Life was changing and I did not agree where it wanted to go,so I made my own destination and left. I moved to another place. Regret it a little, it has more charm than my last but it’s includes more noisy neighbors and smaller den.  Well, I will keep looking for the right place.

As according to the old friends, I had ended friendship with five of them. I got tired of having company that loves my food but resent me at the same time. It reminds me of that Glade commercial where the lady have her house near perfection and she likes to pretend that her candles came from France or England. Her so called friends makes mock and told her it was from Glade. I would have let her enjoys herself. She paid for it, it’s her house, and keeping a neat home is not easy.

Well these so-called friends, ex-friends of mine were making mock that my homemade soft tacos was too big. Several side cracks as well about other things. Since I been back in college, I don’t have much gatherings as I used to. Shoot, I am tired!!  Besides, just having another obligation onto your list is tiring just to think about it.  One remark was referring as if I have nothing better to do but to help people to eat a meal that keeps them full for a day or two.  At that note I gave myself an ” I don’t care ” vacation just my eldest three kids and me.  I ended the nonsense of negativity and the ring around the same drama and brought peace to my era.  Stay true to yourself!!!

I left my ex. We were deeply involve until I couldn’t stand him, respect him or even love him. He assumed once he had my heart he had my self -respect. Ha Ha!! Boy was he wrong!!! I love myself too much to put a man over me. Idiot.  I have to be faithful to my true heart more than anything.


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