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Food is my passion, ever since I was a child.  I learned how to make the dish that I’m crazy about then I added my touches. 

My list of my early recipes.

BBQ Ribs

I marinate my ribs in salt and pepper oiled water for an hour. Place the ribs in a baker with small amount of water,seasoned with a bit of parika ,seasoned salt  and garlic powder. Bake for one hour to an hour and half  at 400 degrees.  When near done,turn it up to broil for about ten minutes.  Cool to room temperture. Then I adds two kinds of barbeque sauces and replace in the oven,broil for seven minutes. Enjoy!!

Stuffed Steak

This recipe I invented with deep love of toppings!

I buy Angus steak, bake it with salt and pepper and minced garlic.  As it baking I prepared my toppings. Parsley,onions,green peppers and bit of bread crumbs. Then I heated it up under low heat. Just enough to get the flavor combined. After the steaks been baking for twenty-five minutes, I stuff it with some of the toppings then added the rest on the top. Bake not broil for another twentyfive minutes,broil for ten.   I usually uses white rice and brocolli with this dish.  DIVE!!

Shrimp Scampi

This dish is easier than I thought.

Simply add small amount of water with little vegetable oil. Heat under very low heat then add oregeno and shrimp. Stir coutinously. Add it onto white rice and ENJOY!! 


Strawberry  nut cheesecake

4 boxes of cream cheese, a can of strawberry  pie filling , fresh strawberry, 3 eggs and sour cream.Vanilla.

 Blend the cream cheese with eggs and two table spoons of sour cream. Blend until smooth almost liquid. Add two drops of vanilla. Bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees then freeze for thirty minutes. Then apply the canned strawberries ,fresh ones on top. I use two kinds of nuts .walnut is good for soaking up the stawberry filling. Try it ! It delicious! My friends always wants me to make an additional on for them take home.


Posted November 2, 2010 by bluedolly25

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