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I heard and read plenty stories about how children are being cyber and physical bullied. The law gotten strict on this,being  that many children died in rampage by an another student and the high number of suicides deaths and attempts. No one should be bullied and no one should allow being bully either.

There is another side as well, the violence in the weak mind. Bullies are called weak because they pick and cause harm to others but hey have you ever heard the weakness in the victims mind? I was conducting research on a relative topic and sat down with a group of children. These children experience cruelty in school by students and faculty and most of them, their selves. Well some,like me when I was a their age, just want to enjoy school. Other had some disturbing ideas of revenge and very shallow for some reason. I quickly told them those morbid ideas will increase their problem by the max not solve them. Anyway, any who, I notice these teenagers really takes the abuse.No words back or anything. Puzzle me. When I was a teenager, I fought back, even when I was in elementary school. Well my personal opinion aside. All of these children and adults that has this problem has to get their mind strong and healthy first before they address their problem. Use tact is a must. For the parents, the clue when your child is getting pick on is; they are very quiet when they come home from school, when they gets upset they becomes out of control easy.They are old enough to go to the store but refuse to, listen or watch programs that express more graphic. This is a sign that they have bottled up feelings that needs to be address. I urges parents to get very nosy and observe as much you as possible.

Hope this helps!!


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