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Full of fruit pie!!!   3 comments

Strawberry Pie

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This year I made more than just a apple pie  I had more fruit  and better enhance flavor seasons to make my pie stand out  It was pretty easy to make . Instead of  burning out my oven cooking too many desserts ,like thanksgiving, I decide to make one simple dessert.

Fruit pie

I started out by adding the nuts and slice peach ito the can of the strawberry pie filling . Sit in the refrigerator till ready for use . Then in a small skillet I add a 2 tbs of margerine and a half a cup of water . Under a low flame I add 1 sprinkle of nutmeg and 2 sprikle on cinnamon. Very light-handed I must advise. Too much will destroy the flavor Then  I slice the green apples (double slice) then add them into the sauce .Double slice is slice then slice in half. This way the apples is not chopped or to big of a slice. If using a fresh peach you can either add them to the apples or the strawberries, which ever you prefer the peach more flavor towards.  Now when the apples or half done cut it off and let it simmers.. The crust, usually is what bakers start first but since I’m not using hand made dough I use it after my filling is ready for use. Pillsbury pie crust e already refrigerated so there is no problem making sure its maturity. So , I have the pie crust layed out and ready  I set it on top  of the stove  Getting a  little warmth from the oven preheat at 350 degrees. Mean while I take out the can of strawberries and poured into the skillet. Slowly stir the strawberries,nuts and peaches with the apples and carmel. Just enough to somewhat blend in the flavor Then I pour into the pie crust . Top crust and bake  under 375 degrees for about thirty minutes. Let cool . My kids and I love it !! It went well with icecream and cool whip.



Let it out & have fun!!!!   Leave a comment

Oh last night I had a blast!! My friends from north came for a surprise visit. I giggle when I introduce them to my friends from here because I always mention how much fun we had growing up in New York. My kids miss them too. They talked to them as much they talked to me. Usually they attend to their own friends and don’t social much with the friends I have here. Well any who, talked about things all social of mature. And when the friends from here left we acted silly.

Oh wow how I miss talking. I mean when I talked to some of my co workers  I always has to stop what I wanted to say to help them out. Not much insight back or a lot in common. Seriously adults plays more games in conversation then kids do. Phony laughs and who they are. Well last night I let it out. We talk about how expensive New York  cost of living . I said I will not pay a thousand dollars for apartment that’s only worth $450 a month.  That’s rent and a car payment. & It must have a dishwasher,w/d and free cable before I pay that amount for a place. We all agree on that.

Felt good to have so much release to trusted company. Great friends. I told about a so-called friend I have here. Who always has to get a little out of everything she  gives. E.g  she gives a box a cookies then asks “Can I have one of those cookies I gave you”. Can you imagine hearing “Can I have…?”  every time  you see a person. Even my kids don’t ask that much.  Before I only said this to my mom. Because when you say one thing ,gets around and grew too big. But I had hurt this so-called friend so many times by setting her straight. I wasn’t even mean, I just said no, how you going to give and asked for it back. You know gotta be honest with the person . Being straight forward is easier than let it build, but it’s a must to use conduct  to your surroundings.


We reminisce on the games I made up when we were kids. He brought up “I’m a Multi millionaire!!” game. I made this up because everybody wants to get rich and after a quick moment they not satisfied.  So in this game we really imagine seriously what will we do if we was extremely rich.  Sometimes I just the riches of being really comfortable. Have grands in the bank,couple in our pocket and our home worth tens times the amount to us. Ha Ha! Being middle class is was actually the goal. We really let it out and have a ball. Just being too much of ourselves. Instead of talking about insecurities we talked about our conceited, another game I made up. I had fun.


Pork Glory sub luvs Salad mixers!   18 comments

Sliced Red Onions

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There are so many things about salads other than it’s healthy for you. I sometimes use salad for hot and cold sandwiches and for treats on the go.  Garden salad goes great for turkey and gravy salad subs.

For my Pork Glory sandwiches I take the great strippings from roasted pork shoulder and steam it with light tury gravy. Jar gravy works bet. Then I simmer onions and greenpeppers.Meanwhile I take a huge bowl., add both romab a regulard head lettuce, tomatoes thin slice of carrots , tin slice of cabbage. Toss . Then add little of red wine dressing add more veggies like watercress, red onions and even black ollives. Mixed all together it’s soo delicious it great alone. When thepork is done ,let cool for couple of minutes. Lay over toasted  or untoasted  itallian hero  bread. Simply dress the sub with the salad. Oh it’s to die for. Give it a try and tell me how it turns out.Enjoy!

Simple melt   1 comment

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Love toasted sandwiches. Here is a few you can make from your own home. Like the turkey club. I simply take deli slice of ham and turkey bacon with cheddar cheese onto an Italian bun. Onto a buttered iron skillet  which is flavored with the minced garlic and onions. Flip after a few moments , till everything is melted and the bread is toasted to your desire. Then i place my toppings. Fresh lettuces .tomatoes  and pickles. A little tip; If you prepared a good salad ,roman lettuce, red onions and green peppers etc. this would be the best dressing for your sandwiches. Once this done prepare to your taste and enjoy!! You’ll be amazed how good it turns out.

Now for the double power stack  has the same method but for two in one

Double Power Stack

  • meats. turkey pepperoni,chicken and beef
  • Mozzarella ,cheddar and american
  • Bacon
  • Roman or regular lettuce
  • garlic,onions yellow and red,jalapeno
  • Italian bread or roll 
  • tomatoes

With this sandwich for simple you can get fresh deli roast beef, chicken and turkey.The bacon, Oscar Meyers has some already cook ,just heat and serve. In the iron cast skillet ,minced the garlic and yellow onions along with the jalapeno. As this sizzles prepare your sandwich. Place one bun inside of the other. One side fill with the chicken and ham,the other with roast beef and bacon. Add which cheese you like best for each side then flip onto the skillet. Once done. All is melted and toasted then dress it up. Mayo and the lettuce etc. goes into the center bun. Makes a salad  between . Then I use the submarine dressing on mine. I hope you enjoy!!

Pork Frankly   2 comments

Mozzarella cheese

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 I love pork just as much as beef. I must limit the starch in my diet. So I’m laying off the pork sandwiches for now. Instead I make a great pork salad. It’s pretty simple. All I do is steam fry chopped boneless pork shops and add my fresh salad  and dressing. What  I like is a lot a little sides I put goes with it. Such as green and sweet plantains ,slice dill pickles, and brown rice if prefer.

Pork Salad Cress

  • Steam fried  boneless pork
  • Fresh slice red onions, green peppers and black olives
  • Water cress,roman lettuces
  • Raw cauliflower(believe me ,it will taste great in this salad)
  • mozzarella chunks or slices
  • Plantains
  • avocado
  • Tomatoes slice or those mini ones
  • Slice of raw okra

Either steam fry the pork with yellow onions or put red ones in the salad, your choice. I personally prefer red or yellow raw for longer preserve. This is a little  trick I learned; meat salads taste better when meat is place bottom of the bowl then the dressing.I fried sweet plantains with mines. Just cut the hull ,slice and place them into a half an inch of oil fill skillet. Back to the salad, after the meat I add the cauliflower. Be sure to wash all fruit and veggies thoroughly. Once the cauliflower is soaking with the pork I add the water cress and tomatoes. Hence, the why the cauliflower will taste great. Then I throw the chopped okra ,black olives and slices of mozzarella cheese. Several slices of avacado. Add the roman lettuce and if my side dishes is not sweet I add grapes or apple. Again up to you. Now it’s time for the dressing. It’s the submarine dressing usual uses for deli sandwiches and I adds red vinaigrette dressing . It’s a great combination. For work I put my the dressing in a little container ,therefore it wouldn’t soak the salad.

 Delicious!!! Enjoy!