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Full of fruit pie!!!   3 comments

Strawberry Pie

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This year I made more than just a apple pie  I had more fruit  and better enhance flavor seasons to make my pie stand out  It was pretty easy to make . Instead of  burning out my oven cooking too many desserts ,like thanksgiving, I decide to make one simple dessert.

Fruit pie

I started out by adding the nuts and slice peach ito the can of the strawberry pie filling . Sit in the refrigerator till ready for use . Then in a small skillet I add a 2 tbs of margerine and a half a cup of water . Under a low flame I add 1 sprinkle of nutmeg and 2 sprikle on cinnamon. Very light-handed I must advise. Too much will destroy the flavor Then  I slice the green apples (double slice) then add them into the sauce .Double slice is slice then slice in half. This way the apples is not chopped or to big of a slice. If using a fresh peach you can either add them to the apples or the strawberries, which ever you prefer the peach more flavor towards.  Now when the apples or half done cut it off and let it simmers.. The crust, usually is what bakers start first but since I’m not using hand made dough I use it after my filling is ready for use. Pillsbury pie crust e already refrigerated so there is no problem making sure its maturity. So , I have the pie crust layed out and ready  I set it on top  of the stove  Getting a  little warmth from the oven preheat at 350 degrees. Mean while I take out the can of strawberries and poured into the skillet. Slowly stir the strawberries,nuts and peaches with the apples and carmel. Just enough to somewhat blend in the flavor Then I pour into the pie crust . Top crust and bake  under 375 degrees for about thirty minutes. Let cool . My kids and I love it !! It went well with icecream and cool whip.



Put a stick throught it   12 comments

Nectarines summer 2006

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This is something to keep your taste buds full of excitment’ fruit on a stick. Take a group of fruits of  your choice  and cheese place in great order through a stick and enjoy. This is very healthy and gives such a refreshing and satisfaction. I came across this idea the other day when I was preparing a snack tray for my daughter friends . I forgot to pick up some more crackers and crutons,which her friends like to eat more than anyone in my office, so I decided  to give what I have. I pulled out some fruits and cheese and some deli slices of meats. But be sure to add onto in a taste bud order or the taste wouldn’t blend.

One kababe stick  I place lime slices ,kiwi,and strawberry. Stick two; mango slices, melon and  nectarines. Stick 3 my favorite; strawberries, salami ,mild cheddar cheese,nectarines and mango.

This you can either used a toothpick or kababe or a plastic fork. As long its well put together it’ll be delicious. My kids friends  enjoyed it On says the  one I called my favorite taste more like a pizza to her. Cool!

 Hope you give it a try

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