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This is not an unusual meal and don’t require a recipe. I ate a hot dog and some cheese and crackers for lunch. I had a slice of pickle and tomato against my hot dog on a wheat bun. The sharp cheddar cheese was triangle cut on top of a butter crisp cracker. I cut the cheese this way because I was bored last night and this sound fun. But believe or not ,it makes a difference in taste. Also had my jalapenos wrapped with lettuce. I had a great lunch.
I tries to add more salad into my meals. If it is along a meal or in it it’s delicious. Avoid the dressing though , that’s a huge calories booster!!!!


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On a budget? Here is a simple and fast way to make burgers!!!   Leave a comment

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I spent a lot on our vacation and times are hard now so I decided last nigh to make my simple appetizer burgers. It’s real simple. I just take a pound of ground beef, steam cook then add cheese on top. Make it more like a spread rather than burger.

All you need:

I know sounds so far like a regular recipe for a burger but here’s a twist. In a skillet I steam the ground beef with a half a cup of water . Keep flatten as if a pancake. Add chopped onions and allow it to cook about twenty minutes or more. When almost done I layed thin slices of cheese on top. Then when that is almost melted , here’s the twist I add the lettuce on top. Let it get just a little soft.

Afterwards spread on a nice soft hoggie bread or whatever your choice. It was delicious. I find cook lettuce taste better in more dishes then cabbage. Enjoy!!

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Put a stick throught it   12 comments

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This is something to keep your taste buds full of excitment’ fruit on a stick. Take a group of fruits of  your choice  and cheese place in great order through a stick and enjoy. This is very healthy and gives such a refreshing and satisfaction. I came across this idea the other day when I was preparing a snack tray for my daughter friends . I forgot to pick up some more crackers and crutons,which her friends like to eat more than anyone in my office, so I decided  to give what I have. I pulled out some fruits and cheese and some deli slices of meats. But be sure to add onto in a taste bud order or the taste wouldn’t blend.

One kababe stick  I place lime slices ,kiwi,and strawberry. Stick two; mango slices, melon and  nectarines. Stick 3 my favorite; strawberries, salami ,mild cheddar cheese,nectarines and mango.

This you can either used a toothpick or kababe or a plastic fork. As long its well put together it’ll be delicious. My kids friends  enjoyed it On says the  one I called my favorite taste more like a pizza to her. Cool!

 Hope you give it a try

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