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When I go on vacation ,when my kids are grown, I will travel Europe, definitely Germany and Russia. Crazy ,I know, but that always been a dream of mine. I also want to studied at the Harlaxton Manor college. The names of the school has change a few times but that is where I want to attend next. There are more fascinating places all over the world that is not always on the tourist attraction list. Lucky I have family &friends that lives in Essen, and other parts of Germany. This will be a treat to visit and plus have a close relative to show me around.

This is Harlaxton Manor;

Beautiful .

This castle ,I have to learn the true name . I tell ya I will just enjoy the view from below. I will not go up there to see.

Will you?

Now this is the largest and must be the oldest a castle in the world. A must see!!!!!


I’ll post more places on my list soon. Enjoy !!!


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I upgrade my spaghetti  with more deep love . Hope you give it a try . This will stick to your ribs for a while, just to give you a heads up.

All you’ll need:

I start with the meat. I add ground beef  into a  large sauce pan fill with a cup of water. This will make sure the meat is cook  thoroughly. I like to sprinkle a little italian season into the water first so the beef has a great kick.  As this is well on it s way I start boiling the water for the noodles.  In a skillet glazed with olive oil ,parsley,thin slice of lettuce and black pepper. I add chopped medium size onions and green peppers the garlic very thin. A little soul season and salt . I let it fry just enough to be caramel . This will give the sauce such a robust flavor.  As this almost done, I add the noodles to the water, add just 1 teaspoon of tomato paste to the veggies.

No extra water to the meat just yet, I throw all the veggies from the skillet into the saucepan. Blend well. Add half a cup of water. Then add the capers and the spaghetti sauce. One teaspoon of olive oil. Simmer under a low flame for at least fifteen minutes before  medium flame. Stir constant.  I personally like my noodles almost done because its firm  for leftovers. After all is done  let cool for about ten – fifteen minutes depending  on amount.




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Have you ever had your kids comes to you with their math homework and it format for the new method of solving? Well I did. I didn’t understood at first , so I did the way I learned. “Ma! all I heard. I said I got the answer didn’t I ?  Well ,after her teacher gave me a note thanking me for participating in helping my child with her homework but really want done his way, so I learn his way. It been said that this is the quicker way ,not to me. I like the other way.

It ‘s fun thought,. watching my daughter teaches me something. She had such a confident look on her face. Practice and teaching me at the same time. Cool.  Always room to learn.

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Oh last night I had a blast!! My friends from north came for a surprise visit. I giggle when I introduce them to my friends from here because I always mention how much fun we had growing up in New York. My kids miss them too. They talked to them as much they talked to me. Usually they attend to their own friends and don’t social much with the friends I have here. Well any who, talked about things all social of mature. And when the friends from here left we acted silly.

Oh wow how I miss talking. I mean when I talked to some of my co workers  I always has to stop what I wanted to say to help them out. Not much insight back or a lot in common. Seriously adults plays more games in conversation then kids do. Phony laughs and who they are. Well last night I let it out. We talk about how expensive New York  cost of living . I said I will not pay a thousand dollars for apartment that’s only worth $450 a month.  That’s rent and a car payment. & It must have a dishwasher,w/d and free cable before I pay that amount for a place. We all agree on that.

Felt good to have so much release to trusted company. Great friends. I told about a so-called friend I have here. Who always has to get a little out of everything she  gives. E.g  she gives a box a cookies then asks “Can I have one of those cookies I gave you”. Can you imagine hearing “Can I have…?”  every time  you see a person. Even my kids don’t ask that much.  Before I only said this to my mom. Because when you say one thing ,gets around and grew too big. But I had hurt this so-called friend so many times by setting her straight. I wasn’t even mean, I just said no, how you going to give and asked for it back. You know gotta be honest with the person . Being straight forward is easier than let it build, but it’s a must to use conduct  to your surroundings.


We reminisce on the games I made up when we were kids. He brought up “I’m a Multi millionaire!!” game. I made this up because everybody wants to get rich and after a quick moment they not satisfied.  So in this game we really imagine seriously what will we do if we was extremely rich.  Sometimes I just the riches of being really comfortable. Have grands in the bank,couple in our pocket and our home worth tens times the amount to us. Ha Ha! Being middle class is was actually the goal. We really let it out and have a ball. Just being too much of ourselves. Instead of talking about insecurities we talked about our conceited, another game I made up. I had fun.


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I spent a lot on our vacation and times are hard now so I decided last nigh to make my simple appetizer burgers. It’s real simple. I just take a pound of ground beef, steam cook then add cheese on top. Make it more like a spread rather than burger.

All you need:

I know sounds so far like a regular recipe for a burger but here’s a twist. In a skillet I steam the ground beef with a half a cup of water . Keep flatten as if a pancake. Add chopped onions and allow it to cook about twenty minutes or more. When almost done I layed thin slices of cheese on top. Then when that is almost melted , here’s the twist I add the lettuce on top. Let it get just a little soft.

Afterwards spread on a nice soft hoggie bread or whatever your choice. It was delicious. I find cook lettuce taste better in more dishes then cabbage. Enjoy!!

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My best friend is going through a bad break up, divorce really. She still madly in love with him but he gave her a tainted marriage. He kissed ‘probably slept’ with a female that she dislikes day of their wedding. He’s urges her to let it go and not throw away a three and a half years over it.”I chose you” and “She has the worst end , watching us get married” he kept saying. Ha ha .  That man are lucky that I wasn’t his wife he telling this crap to. LUCKY!

Well she didn’t stand for it , how much as it hurts  and how much she’s still in love and have the hots for him it’s over. Must be tough. I wish I could be there for her but we are states away with a lot of responsibilities that we can’t put on hold. But called each other.

I told her some loves are like that. Some men are great first dates . I mean they shower you with respect and attention. Do everything right and all they was ‘a low down dirty dog” as they say. Well the states are higher with some men. They are great to fall deeply in love ,lust and be happy with. Walk down the aisle to with just praise then they come to be “a low down dirty dog that marry”  I say. Making sure you never forget them.  I gotta admit , he ‘s a very handsome ,stimulating and captive man. I met him long before they were married. He was arrogant, conceited and it fits him. And she tells me he still very much the same.

Among conversation with our other friends there are different opinions of what she should do. I felt do what she wishes. Two of them thinks she should let him go and work things out. Not to feed  into this because the tramp he slept with will get him back.

I said look that’s was his wedding too! What stupid man will sleep with someone before their wedding? That’s selfish and when someone selfish like this they will always cheat ,making sick stupid people alike happy. For goodness sakes!!  ” I chose you” Oh yeah you a prize to keep buddy!” No one is that handsome or cute  to be disrespectful. What do you think?

Never let someone disrespect you. Even if the person you love. Sometime you gotta step back & take a objective look. Sometimes you’ll see that they don’t come up to your feet or ankles of what you want. This guy of hers comes up to the knee,as she said , that’s why it hurts so darn much.

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I had been so busy with extra work that I was exhausted. Too many people was let go or quit. But this did not stop the business for going just add on the work onto my desk. Uggh!

Against my usual way I took a vacation. Thursday -Tuesday  the kids and I went to Sea World , visit the mall that was near and had a blast. It was more fun because we took the break rather wait till we have one.  The lines wasn’t so long and the weather there was nice. It rain for almost a day there but hey that’s site in our state we don’t get to see much. What’s work even better for me that it was less expensive than I thought. Things are funny that way. You think you have more than enough than you don’t when you think there barely enough there’s extra. Round off  the amount helps.

Making it home was a little difficult. The train kept delaying and delaying ,before and on board. We had a great time but boy were we glad to be home. Kids return to school I, work and  it’s better because of the break. However next time I ‘ll plan to leave I’ll make sure I return on the weekend.